Accumulate steadily Dongyang mahogany furniture market of new Chinese style pavilion gorgeous Butterfly

05 2018 14 July at 17:03

China there is a saying called "Bo concept and about to take, thick and thin, that is to do anything to go through extensive pre and full of savings, and are selected, when the time is ripe when gushing out, ready to do things only describe. This proverb contains great wisdom China thought in philosophy, but in today's Dongyang mahogany furniture market (599 trade Avenue) the fourth floor of the new Chinese Pavilion brand upgrade, also shines.

With the upgrading of the fourth floor of new Chinese Pavilion strategy released, as Dongyang rosewood furniture industry base Dongyang mahogany furniture market (599 trade Avenue) the upgrade of concern, 2018 internalization after years of market research, services, marketing and other aspects of the team and the accumulation after, Dongyang mahogany furniture market "new articles the Chinese Pavilion" to attack, just a few weeks, a number of new Chinese brands to enter the new Chinese style pavilion, vivid interpretation of the essence and connotation accumulate steadily ", the first to open a new model of Dongyang Chinese Home Furnishing trading market.

From then on, visiting the Dongyang mahogany furniture market will become a new fashion lifestyle.

Model innovation, new Chinese brands settled

The Dongyang mahogany furniture market (No. 599 trade Avenue) building four new Chinese Museum in a new location appearance, not only enhance the integration of traditional Chinese rosewood furniture consumer sector, strengthen the core competitiveness, is the Chinese Home Furnishing closely combined with the art of living, create art, mahogany design communication and Chinese life comprehensive interactive platform. As a Chinese cultural heritage, Home Furnishing innovator, 2018 is the second ten year journey starting point for Dongyang mahogany furniture market, the Chinese wind, Hangzhou DITIANTAI students - the new Chinese, Foshan mahogany elephant big new Chinese style, the original little, reflecting Jiangnan and many other well-known brand new Chinese strong settled Dongyang mahogany furniture market open a Chinese style furniture Yoshi's butterfly, please look forward to!

At the same time, Dongyang mahogany furniture market will be completed from the ordinary mahogany furniture market to Chinese Home Furnishing market transformation, and consumer relations does not stay in the simple store consumption level, but will lead you to change the decoration and Chinese quality of life, enhance the Chinese life together, and consumers to form a good and sustained interaction, front end stand in the Home Furnishing industry, into the city residents daily life.

To upgrade the appearance, build Chinese home culture base

The new upgraded Dongyang mahogany furniture market, will fully demonstrate the Dongyang mahogany furniture market (599 trade Avenue) Home Furnishing national industry leading advantages, create Chinese industrial cluster Home Furnishing plate, with strong comprehensive strength of exclusive advantages, the new blue ocean pilot Chinese Home Furnishing consumption.

"Some people say Chinese is good, but too old, so the new Chinese born Chinese elements, the so-called new Chinese is not rigidly adhere to the traditional, but the integration of modern features in the classical basis, both the organic unity, create belong to Chinese style fashion, make more in line with young people the taste of the new Chinese style furniture." Dongyang mahogany furniture market (No. 599 trade Avenue) general manager Cao Wei pointed out that "in determining the Dongyang mahogany furniture market four building for the new Chinese style pavilion early, we discuss several sets of brand plan, after repeated investigation, finally determine the brand positioning of the four floor. Although the cost of the process of consumption is very high, but the end result has been recognized by businesses, and we also believe that the accurate market positioning, in order to win more consumer market."

Dongyang mahogany furniture market (No. 599 trade Avenue) as Dongyang's first established professional mahogany market, Dongyang is now a collection of high-end mahogany brands most of the market at the same time, Dongyang mahogany furniture market years of the Chinese culture is the base of Home Furnishing. A lot of Home Furnishing corporate head in the understanding of the market positioning, Dongyang mahogany furniture market service concept and join policy, have expressed willingness to cooperate and look forward to sharing high-quality platform resources, and win-win future. It is understood that the Dongyang mahogany furniture market (No. 599 trade Avenue) will be held from time related Chinese cultural exchange activities, is committed to become a renowned Chinese culture in Zhejiang and eastern China experience center.


The new building of the new Chinese style pavilion will gradually introduce more excellent new Chinese furniture brand, will present more and more people enjoy the forum focus on creating new Chinese furniture. With the gradual implementation of the strategy to upgrade, forming a set of display platform, a retail terminal in one of the Chinese furniture market, build Dongyang mahogany furniture market (599 trade Avenue) in the future of Chinese art Home Furnishing living complex pattern, we look forward to work with each big brand, win the future.

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(commissioning editor Zhang Guigui and Sun Hongli)