Daily maintenance of mahogany furniture

2018 05 02 April 08:07 source: China culture news

Mahogany furniture favored by consumers because of its fine structure and durable quality, but due to the characteristics of wood itself, mahogany furniture needs daily maintenance. That summer, rainy and hot climate on the maintenance of mahogany furniture is more challenging, so the summer should pay more attention to the maintenance of mahogany furniture.

Mahogany furniture placed properly

Mahogany furniture should be placed to avoid direct sunlight in summer day is longer, more hours of sunshine, furniture and a long time under ultraviolet irradiation, cracks or deformation. If the space is limited, can not be mahogany furniture away from windows, can choose the curtain shade effect is good.

When the furniture, the best separates the furniture with the ground contact area with a soft thin pad, while allowing the furniture by area with the walls maintain a gap of about one centimeter, which is mainly for the isolation of metope and ground moisture.

Pay attention to the indoor temperature and humidity

Mahogany furniture for the environment more stringent requirements, humidity and temperature changes will cause the deformation and cracking of mahogany furniture. Mahogany furniture suitable environmental temperature at 20 degrees Celsius, while summer is usually hot, then used some shallow open vessels into the water, placed in the mahogany furniture below, through the natural evaporation of water, which can reduce the indoor temperature, and can play the role of humidification, improve the use of mahogany furniture life. If the temperature is too high can also use air conditioning to adjust, but can not remember the air conditioning blowing straight mahogany furniture.

Rainy summer can use desiccant, desiccant bag and active carbon control indoor humidity. Now, there are many special moisture-proof products in the supermarket, according to the actual needs of the purchase. But after a period of time, to the box or package material removed, to put some lime or bulk desiccant. In the desiccant selection, with absorbent resin and charcoal raw materials for the production of desiccant bags is better, suitable for placement in a small space position, such as wardrobe, such as closed space, so targeted, the effect is obvious.

In the case of continuous rainfall, air humidity, air conditioning dehumidification function can usually be used to indoor humidity to control, but the use of air conditioning dehumidification slow slow, it usually takes two or three hours to take effect. If conditions permit, also can use professional dehumidification dehumidifier.

To have a slight deformation of the furniture can be deformed to local straighten, cardboard, after a period of time, it can restore the original position of the deformation. For cracking of mahogany furniture, should promptly contact the manufacturer or a professional repair company.

Daily use and nursing should pay special attention to

Hollow and carved mahogany furniture is a major feature, it is these parts especially easy to fouling, affects not only beautiful, but also let the mahogany furniture quickly getting old. Usually available soft texture brush gently brushed the dust, with a soft dry cloth gently scrub.

Mahogany furniture is also a big taboo to wipe with a damp cloth, because the summer window of time is more, the outdoor dust particles will be attached to the surface of the furniture, and the water in the wet cloth after the formation of granular, wear damage to the appearance of furniture, furniture, furniture made appearance after cracking.

In the process of cleaning, must not be used to wash chemical detergent or detergent category, these will have a corrosive effect on the furniture, which make the furniture surface smooth intense darkness without light. If necessary, can wipe with a special wax, along the grain texture to wipe back and forth.

(commissioning editor Zhang Guigui and Sun Hongli)