Pan Feng: the inheritance of mahogany culture with artisan spirit.

04 2018 16 July 09:08 source: Panyu daily

Pan Feng in the production of mahogany furniture production workshop inspection

In Shiqi town from Hubei rosewood, Pan Feng engaged in mahogany furniture industry for more than 20 years, from his apprenticeship apprenticeship, with more than 10 senior master apprentice rosewood, excellence, dry line love line is his principle of doing things. Now as Guangzhou rhoptics mahogany furniture company boss, he still regards itself as the red carpenter, do honest people, do honest business, to become the artisan spirit.

Your foolish apprentice

1992, because of family financial difficulties, did not finish junior Pan Feng came home from Hubei to Guangdong, to join the work force, this year he was 17 years old.

Introduced by fellow, Pan Feng entered a mahogany furniture factory, as an apprentice, and has since become attached to and mahogany furniture. During the first year of the master apprentice, although he eats, basic wages. Until the new year back home, master gave him 500 yuan, home only more than 400, Pan Feng give all parents. Pan Feng without complaint, and also from the heart of gratitude to his master. He felt that, if in the home teacher, not only did not pay, but also to master the Chinese Lunar New Year gifts. Can learn a craft on the outside, he has been very satisfied.

During the two years of apprenticeship, Pan Feng always work hard to concentrate on learning, never lazy, won the favor of the master. At that time, there are provisions in the factory, every week day vacation, every time the master holiday arrangements. One Sunday, master forget leave arrangements, other students went to play, only Pan Feng a person went to the shop. When the master is going to take out Pan Feng snacks, the dormitory can not find his shadow, and finally found the foolish apprentice in the workshop is working overtime.

From the material to the machine, to install, to polish every mahogany furniture production process, Pan Feng told the master learn deep penetration. Are engaged in repetitive manual work every day, but he didn't feel a bit boring, when a perfect piece of mahogany furniture made out, he has a kind of satisfaction and pleasure.

Skilled master mahogany

Two years after the end of apprenticeship, Pan Feng can work alone, and soon became an apprentice master. Because of his superb skills, very good, many young people are willing to do his apprentice. At the most, he is a man with more than 10 disciples. Although as a senior rosewood master, but he never to master itself, a day together with his disciples. Once, by the factory to rush deadlines, he worked all night with two disciples, and according to the amount of production of 15 sets of bed. According to the normal time, the goods must be at least half a month, encountered such a hard master, the boss was also very moved.

Pan Feng very tolerant, but work very serious and harsh, even a little stubborn. He made of mahogany furniture, never use glue, a mortise and tenon connection with nature, the error is not more than a piece of paper. In order to do this, he for each procedure is very strict requirements, from the figure accuracy to a variety of wood density, has its own set of standards, never compromise. His disciples stubborn, sometimes makes it difficult to fit in, but for a long time, students also have to understand the good intentions of the master.

Do honest business owner

2006 years, 10 years of work had Yonghua mahogany furniture factory reunion dinner, Pan Feng found the boss, say to want to rush out of their own. The boss is very reluctant, but still support him do his own business, and promise to have what difficulty can find him at any time. This year, Pan Feng left Yonghua mahogany furniture factory, with their years of savings, with a few disciples, his factory rhoptics mahogany furniture factory opened in stone. After more than 10 years of painstaking efforts, Rui Hua mahogany furniture factory has now begun to take shape, nearly a hundred employees, doing booming business.

Now as Guangzhou rhoptics mahogany furniture company boss, Pan Feng still regards itself as the red carpenter, do honest people, honest to do business. Once, he found a batch of drawer the accuracy is not enough, the use of glue. Although this batch of drawer is his brother to do, after the discovery of this problem, when he kicked his brother's face, the drawer over, let brother rework, in accordance with the provisions of the brother were punished.

In the face of the guests, Pan Feng sincere. Because of different wood made furniture, the price is several times or even dozens of times, people do not understand the line, from the appearance it is difficult to understand. You pay a price, in 10 years of business, he gave the guests are real price, real. If the guest does not understand, he took the guests to the workshop to help guests to distinguish various types of wood, the wood market price, let the guests as clear as noonday shopping.

The construction of the town of rosewood advocate

As Shiji Town mahogany furniture industry association director, Pan Feng has been committed and advocated the building of stone Acer mahogany Town, and made a lot of work. He participated in various meetings Shiqi town construction and mahogany on various occasions and enthusiastic activities, and vigorously promote Shiqi town for the town of rosewood, mahogany advocating the construction, and strive for all kinds of policy support and resources for the construction of the town mahogany. Aiming at the problem of lack of industry standard mahogany Town, he and Shiji Town mahogany furniture industry association's colleagues are working Shiqi town mahogany industry standards, to make efforts for the town of rosewood standardization management and healthy development.

For the future development of Shiqi town as a mahogany, mahogany craftsman Town, Pan Feng is full of expectations, and have the confidence to build better town mahogany. He said that the future Shiqi town of South of the Five Ridges rosewood pastoral scenery belt, waterfront landscape, mountain peak view zone, as well as boutique mahogany culture exhibition experience area, service area, new Chinese rosewood mahogany exhibition business district, will become the integration of industrial and commercial, service industry, tourism industry, cultural industry in one of the characteristics of town.

(commissioning editor Zhang Guigui and Sun Hongli)